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March 1, 2011

Humble Beginnings

Budweiser and Apples are two things that have become very near and dear to me as a result of growing up in the woods of upstate New York. I really enjoy the idea of drinking All American beer and eating a local apple, and luckily those are very appropriate activities. So, the other day as I was wondering what I should bake I stumbled upon a six pack of mini Budweiser’s and the vision of mini pies danced in my head.

Pies are the very best dessert in the world and my life has changed a little bit since I purchased mini pie pans from my neighbors at There are just so many different types of fillings to stuff into that little crust, and you really don’t have to feel terrible if you eat a whole one yourself.

Anyways, since I found such an mini American classic in beer form, it felt natural to pair it with such a mini American classic in dessert form. The result of the magical duo?

A delectable combination of sweet and tangy apples and crisp refreshing brew.

Mini Pies

The only down side was that I couldn’t pack up the rest of the beers, head out into the woods and build a bonfire. Alas, that would be illegal in Brooklyn. Instead, I just ate my petite treat and looked out the window.

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