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May 1, 2011

Little Life Lesson #1

There are many useless things that people should know and keep in their back pockets because you never know when they will come in handy. Today, I will share with you a bit of frivolous information that has helped me out a few times.

This is something that I had been taught but I couldn’t quite get the hang of until my roommate Jon taught me the step that I kept missing.  This simple trick will aid you at any outdoor gatherings or on your rooftop, or any situation where there is just no bottle opener in sight.

The classic lighter method!

Lighter Trick

Disregard the bottle cap and improvise!

First, grip the top of the bottle with one hand, making sure that your thumb is placed below the cap and the rest of your hand is covering about half on the cap. Next, position the bottom of any trusted lighter under the metal lip of the cap, and firmly against your thumb. Now, the trick is to let the fingers on top of the cap do all the work. It’s not so much about the force behind the lighter, but the leverage created. If you remember this, the cap should fly right off, allowing you to enjoy the contents within.

Hope this tip will help you in any unfortunate absence of a bottle opener!

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