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April 9, 2011

Oh happy day

Walking home the other night I passed a garbage can with an empty box of Samoa cookies sitting on the bottom and it dawned on me that I had completely missed Girl Scout Season. No Somoas, no Tagalongs, no Shortbreads, and the worst of all…no Thin Mints!

Luckily, other people in the world have experienced this misfortune and they have come up with recipes to recreate the sacred Girl Scout cookie.

The process was super fun, especially the mint chocolate bath the wafers have to go through. It may have also been particularly amusing after I made the choice to accompany the delightful cookies with a warm Irish coffee.

Thin mints and Brady's


This was definitely something I never did while I was a Girl Scout, but boy am I glad to be able to take part in such a barbaric breakfast.

Happy Saturday to me!


Elephant Thin MInt


The recipe was posted on Foodgawker via

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